About Me ..surfboards and hammocks

Its all about me surfing and skateboarding and the love of a good hammock and of course a surfing blog. I spent years surfing , building surfboards and traveling looking for good surf. From the Outer Banks of North Carolina , traveling Costa Rica and living on the North Shore of Hawaii.

My 60’s Surfing

Growing up in the 60’s surfing was exciting, new and fresh. I started surfing around 1966 In Atlantic Beach NC and was lucky enough to have access to the outer banks. During those early years surfing was just about fun. I lived it and dreamed it, always thinking that I was going to pursue my dream forever and here I am today. Surfing, paddleboarding and hanging on my 35″ CAL. Pura Vida!

My 70’s Surfing

The 70’s surfing scene was a hippie evolution and toward the end we saw the most exciting time for surfing. New design and experimentations were rampart. Funny little surfboards with 3 fins, yeah thats gonna go over well! In 1973 I was in college at UNCW and got a job weaving hammocks and working in a surfs shop.

After college I spent a few years in Florida making hammocks, surfing and fishing but the urge for more waves was gnawing at me, so off I went. Hawaii bound, broke and carefree. My brother had moved there a few months earlier and that is where we learned to build surfboards.

And Then There Is the Rest

By 1981 i had saved money and was ready to move home and start building surfboards and keep my hammock shop going, Back in North Carolina again and that is where Hot Wax Surf Shop was born and Freaky Tiki Hammocks in the small surf area of the banks known as the Crystal coast.

It was 1991 and I was getting antsy for more, I sold everything and went to Carolina Beach, only 100 miles south. There I opened XTC SURFBOARDS, my surfboard factory.

It does seem like I have been here this long, but with many surf trips behind me and found memories of Costa Rica, I am just waiting for the next chapter. I have been lucky to be so happy doing what I love.

Now 50 years + I am still in the surfing business and still selling hammocks with Freaky Tiki Hammocks. Along the way there have been many adventures traveling and sidetracks that will have to be talked about another time and probably with a different audience.


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