Salt & Asphalt is surfing and skateboarding, ocean and earth and everything inbetween

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 I started shaping surfboards in Hawaii in 1979 and then headed back to North Carolina to open the first Hot Wax Surf Shop and XTC SURFBOARDS. I spent years surfing , building surfboards and traveling looking for good surf. From the Outer Banks of North Carolina , traveling Costa Rica and living on the North Shore of Hawaii.

We try to do our part with sustainable bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo products and always searcing for good recycled products. But it goes much deeper than that. As a surfer, and surfboard builder and owner of Freaky Tiki hammocks I realize the harsh chemical I use and i am alway looking for greener alternatives. using more bamboo and coconut fibers in place of traditional figerglass cloth. It is a never ending struggle to balance work and the right thing to do. My love for the ocen and environment is non wavering.

Salt and Asphalt is part of OUR BAMBOO PLANET

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